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The ‘Rona is here

The ‘Rona is here.

Terry has something for Draymond Green.

Stop MVP conversations.

Nets are destined for throwing up.

The Pistons rebuild is only two years away.


“Cap Dem” — Young Nudy

“Live Off My Closet” — Lil Baby (feat. Future)


One gotta go: Embiid or Simmons

Cereal before milk.

Wiggins is bad and so are the Warriors.

The Pistons are unwatchable.

Philly is up outta here.

XFL… woof.

McDonald’s Monopoly.


“Know Your Enemy” — Rage Against The Machine

“Happy Valentine’s Day” — Outkast


The young Grizzlies don’t have time for old men

Snow in non-snow places.

Super Bowl snacks.

Niners got Mahomesed.

NBA trade deadline.

The Grizz clowning Iggy.

All-Star LAME.


“Jeezy the Snowman” — Jeezy

“Value” — A$AP Ferg


Year 2! Harden and Kyrie are not great

Year 2 of Fling the Pill!

Super Bowl and cheeseburgers.

Harden is the best thing to happen to the Thunder.

Kyrie and KD: The Perfect Match.

Movie update.


“High Fashion” — Roddy Rich (feat. Mustard)

“Good News” — Mac Miller


Akon City, Akon

Akon gets a city.

Coach O punches himself in the head.

Joe Burrow the best QB… ever?

Please Chiefs and Packers for Super Bowl.

Drummond doing the sad thing again.

Stressful movies.


“Locked Up” — Akon

“Life is Good” — Future & Drake


We’re back like Blake Griffin

We did some things while we were off.

Brady is BIG toast.

New NFL coaches.

The New Orleans Aints.

The Sixers are as good as Embiid’s finger.

Pistons… ugh.


“Return of the Mack” — Mark Morrison

“Used To” — Drake (feat. Lil Wayne)


Pistons and Star Wars with Vince Ellis

State of the Pistons with Detroit Free Press writer Vince Ellis.

Andre Drummond’s future.

Vince is leaving the beat.

SPOILERS! Rise of Skywalker reaction.

Original trilogy and new Star Wars shows.


“The Imperial March” — John Williams & The Skywalker Symphony Orchestra

“Shook Ones, Pt. II” — Mobb Deep


We didn’t talk about Kaepernick

The Kings are why teams are bad.

Mason Rudolph was asking for it.

Lamar Jackson is the only good quarterback.

Eat it F-150 Twitter.

Happy Malice at the Palace Day.

Blowing up the Pistons… again.


“Wam” — A$AP Ferg & MadeinTYO

“Ballad of the Bass (My Sub V)” — Big K.R.I.T.


How does anyone hate Forrest Gump?

Bringing Kaepernick back.

Give Matt Patricia the boot?

Too many NBA injuries.

Bruce Brown is not Russ.

Dion Waiters hits peak Dion Waiters.

The worst movie takes.


“Codeine Crazy” — Future

“Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1” — Kanye West


Vinny Testaverde was a Carolina Panther

Matt Patricia: Defensive Savant.

Trubisky done?

There’s a lot of good quarterbacks.

Vinny Testaverde was a Carolina Panther.

The tattered and torn Pistons.

The Suns are… good?


“In My Room” — Frank Ocean

“Blue Suede” — Vince Staples


Pistons sad boy hours on NBA Day 1

Zion too big for his britches.

Blake is dead and the Lions are punting.

NFL trades and new NBA deals.

Definitive NBA season predictions.


“Jodi” — NxWorries

“911/Mr. Lonely” — Tyler, The Creator


Identifying the enemy: Referees and the U.P.

NFL vs. Detroit Lions.

Baker Badfield.

Trading veteran QBs.

Screw the Upper Peninsula.

LeBron did a talk about China.



“Dead Presidents II” — J. Cole

“Addiction” — Big K.R.I.T. (feat. Saweetie & Lil Wayne)


The Lions ruining Calvin Johnson

OJ’s fantasy football woes.

Lions fans are the worst.

Calvin Johnson’s series of unfortunate events.

There’s a lot of bad football teams.

A Ballers update.


“Bezerk” — Big Sean (feat. A$AP Ferg & Hit-Boy)

“INTRO” — DaBaby


Detroit’s Most Hated

Christmas Day games: Meh.

Detroit’s most hated sports figures.

NFL Preview/Picks.

This is the Lions’ year… to Lion.

Claw talk.


“Free Spirit” — Drake (feat. Rick Ross)

“Gold Roses” — Rick Ross (feat. Drake)


Jacoby Brissett asking the tough questions

The Russians have Terry’s face.

The Pistons have their Russell Westbrook.

Runningbacks are good but football is scary.

Jacoby Brissett asking the tough questions.

Players throwing footballs out of stadiums.


“100 Shooters” — Future (feat. Meek Mill)

“Drug Dealers Anonymous” — Pusha T (feat. Jay-Z)


Awaiting the day the Pistons turn on Blake

Free Agency Frenzy.

Jamal Murray the ultimate bag-getter.

Pistons signed Derrick Rose…

Finding a suitor for Andre Drummond.

KA-WHERE is he going?


“Interstate 10” — Mustard (feat. Future)

“Panini” — Lil Nas X


Anthony Davis, NBA Champion

Steph stinks, wow.

Anthony Davis and the Lakers’ next big piece.

Balance of power in the West.

Draft prospects are all the same.

Hard Knocks.


“Who Ya Trynna Scare” — BlocBoy JB

“Down Bad” — Dreamville (feat. JID, Bas, J. Cole, EARTHGANG, & Young Nudy)


Kawhi good, tuberculosis bad

Cabrini Festival.

Kevin Durant is Golden State’s one hope.

Teams clearing space for whales.

The Lakers should succeed, but boy howdy.

Imminent nuclear war and cowboys dying of tuberculosis.


“Shotgun” — Future

“Simon Says” — Megan Thee Stallion (feat. Juicy J)


WNBA Season Preview featuring Andrew Brewster

On a special edition of Fling the Pill, Spartans Wire Lead Editor and WNBA advocate Andrew Brewster joins the program.

Why should we care about the WNBA?

Players and teams to watch for.

Injury/salary controversies.

Unfair (and fair) comparisons.

Fighting the Twitter trolls.

Andrew’s Game of Thrones finale take.


“Wish Wish” — DJ Khaled (feat. Cardi B & 21 Savage)

“Act Up” — City Girls


Game of Thrones finale from a tornado shelter

Wash your damn feet.

Magic Johnson brought smoke to First Take.

Game of Thrones is finally over.

Finding a home for Anthony Davis.

Future is a good dad!

Warriors w/out KD > Warriors w/ KD.


“A BOY IS A GUN” — Tyler, The Creator

“Higher” — DJ Khaled (feat. Nipsey Hussle & John Legend)


Game of Thrones finally stinks wow!

Kawhi Stretch My Hands Pt. 1.

Dany’s final heel turn.

Cersei vs. rocks.

The Clegane Bowl was good!

Giannis vs. Kawhi.

Lakers are bad bad.


“No Lie” — 2 Chainz (feat. Drake)

Game of Thrones Opening Credits Theme


Terry’s problematic All-Time Marvel Movie Rankings

Dany the Mother of Frappes.

Jon is the worst.

Missandei, SEE YA.

Down with the dragons.

The definitive Marvel Movie Rankings of all time ever.



“Let the Beat Build” — Lil Wayne

Game of Thrones Opening Credits Theme


Spoiler Alert! Mufasa dies at the end

Arya did the damn thang.

Jon Snow is ready to die.

Who’s dead, who’s next?

The playoffs stink!

Football is good except when it’s not.



“Flood Watch” — Juicy J (feat. Offset)

Game of Thrones Opening Credits Theme


FEED ME TAKES: A Game of Thrones Podcast

S8, Ep1 of Game of Thrones in the books.

Reunions and weirdo Bran.

“Ned was an honest man!”

Night King identity, not clickbait.

Mourning the Detroit Pistons game-break.

Game of Thrones fantasy league.


“Westbrook” — J.I.D (feat. A$AP Ferg)

Official Game of Thrones Opening Credits Theme



Tiger Woods, King of the Andals

Tiger BYKE.

Playoff weekend no. 1.

NBA players hate Space Jam.

A farewell to D-Wade.

Movie trailer talk.

Happy Thrones-ing.


“Make It Better” — Anderson .Paak (feat. Smokey Robinson)

Game of Thrones opening credits theme


Playoff Push!

The messy Pistons playoff push.

Being a sports media fanboy.

NBA Hall of Fame snubbery.

RIP Nipsey Hussle.

Porzingis problems.

The definitive Game of Thrones predictions.


“Picture Me Rollin” — Nipsey Hussle (feat. Overdoz)

“Fight the Power” — Public Enemy


Don’t yell at my friend Tom Izzo

LeBronless playoffs.

College basketball STINKS.

My close personal friend Tom Izzo likes to yell.

Terry did a movie!

Farmer Thanos.

Who is the true heir to the Iron Throne?


“High” — Young Thug (feat. Elton John)

“Come Back to Earth” — Mac Miller


That’s that nerd talk

AB to Raider Nation.

Lions gonna Lion.

All mock drafts are correct and also incorrect.

Captain Marvel is big dope.

Leaving Neverland.

Terry cheating the HBO system.

Lakers retiring Playoff LeBron.


“Goin Baby” — DaBaby

“Goat Talk” — T-Pain (feat. Lil Wayne)


The NFL sponsored in part by Kaepernick’s money

Terry is wisdom toothless.

Valentine’s Day is a money grab.

All-Star Weekend.

DSJ dunked over a homeless guy.

So many football leagues.

Kaepernick’s master plan.

GoT and Avengers INCOMING.


“Today (Intro) REMIX” — DaBaby (feat. Lil Baby)

“Ignant Sh**t” — Drake (feat. Lil Wayne)


Chicken noodle soup is not a snack

Kristaps and Luka.

Official Super Bowl predictions.

Take your soup home.

Definitive big game snack draft.

Vince Carter touring the country.


“Never Recover” – Lil Baby & Gunna (feat. Drake)

“Sweet Victory” – SpongeBob Squarepants


Lil Wayne would suck my blood in a fight


Can it Valenti! The Pistons can’t tank.

Get Kyle Lowry outta here.

J. Cole’s regular guy raps.

Pro Bowl kicker Eric Ebron.


“Fine China” – Future & Juice WRLD

“Off Deez” – JID feat. J. Cole



Fling the Pill Podcast Episode 1

The pilot episode of Fling the Pill. This podcast will be geared toward sports, social media, TV, movies, and whatever else we feel like talking about.

On this episode:

Terry thinks Dwyane Wade is better than James Harden.

The Pistons are bad but at least Blake Griffin is good.

The Super Bowl would be better without the Patriots.

Boogie is back and the NBA is broken again.

People are too good at memes.


“Call the Coroner” – Future

“Thought it was a Drought” – Future


A farewell to Reggie Jackson

Big soccer take.

A farewell to Reggie Jackson.

All-Star Weekend.

Free agency bonanza.

SOL Preview.


“Might Not Give Up” — A Boogie wit da Hoodie (feat. Young Thug)

“TOES” — DaBaby (feat. Lil Baby & Moneybagg Yo)

A Message to Lions Fans

Breaking down the Antonio Brown saga.

A message to Lions fans (you can give up!).

Dak is up, Melvin Gordon is down.

Taking the Brown to the Super Bowl amirite.

More from around the NFL.


“Nobody’s Favorite” — Rick Ross (feat. Gunplay)

“Guerilla Radio” — Rage Against the Machine

We’re back! Zeke, Antonio Brown, and Spencer Strasmore

Terry’s Super Bowl pick is already toast.

Zeke got his money.

Antonio Brown’s mustache.

Ryan recaps “Ballers.”

Here lies Team USA’s hopes and dreams.


“RNP” — YBN Cordae (feat. Anderson .Paak)

“MLK BLVD” — Jeezy (feat. Meek Mill)

Iron Man is dead, get over it

It’s D-Wade day?

LeBron’s no-care inbound passing skills.

Weekly Pistons update: They’re good!

Iron Man is big dead.

Takes on The Office and the best Nickelodeon cartoons ever.


“High Top Versace” — 2 Chainz (feat. Young Thug)

“Catchin Villains/Straight Buggin” — Teen Titans Go!

Robert Kraft’s $6 billion strip mall trip

UD jersey swap >>> D-Wade jersey swap.

The Pistons might be good!

The Zion dilemma.

LeBron’s unhelpful help.

KD could be the GOAT wow.

A bad weekend for guys named Robert (Kraft and Kelly).


“OoWee” — Rapsody (feat. Andreson .Paak)

“Wild West West” — Offset (feat. Gunna)

The First of Many… or not a lot.

Welcome to my blog! Please enjoy the stock quote that was on this template when I made this site!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Anyway, this is the first of many things to show up here unless I throw in the towel on this blog which I have done in the past.

As some may be aware, I recently moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma for a new big-boy job so I’m broke and surrounded by people and places I don’t know anything about. Therefore, I expect to have a lot more time to put into sharing some of things I see here or in my interneting.

So there will be sports, memes, music, and pop culture topics that I put here just so I don’t have to throw it all up on Twitter.

It’s easy for me to just fire off some tweets on most things but sometimes I’m going to want to expand beyond that whether as many people see it or not.

For the most part I wanted a place where all of my stuff is going to filter into.

My Twitter feed is somewhere on here, but if you can’t find it there’s a fancy MENU link up there. I’m going to try to do more picture-taking and put them on Instagram and/or here.

Ideally I gather the resources for the podcast that would like to make its home here.

Thanks for being here and share some content if you so choose.

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