The First of Many… or not a lot.

Welcome to my blog! Please enjoy the stock quote that was on this template when I made this site!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Anyway, this is the first of many things to show up here unless I throw in the towel on this blog which I have done in the past.

As some may be aware, I recently moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma for a new big-boy job so I’m broke and surrounded by people and places I don’t know anything about. Therefore, I expect to have a lot more time to put into sharing some of things I see here or in my interneting.

So there will be sports, memes, music, and pop culture topics that I put here just so I don’t have to throw it all up on Twitter.

It’s easy for me to just fire off some tweets on most things but sometimes I’m going to want to expand beyond that whether as many people see it or not.

For the most part I wanted a place where all of my stuff is going to filter into.

My Twitter feed is somewhere on here, but if you can’t find it there’s a fancy MENU link up there. I’m going to try to do more picture-taking and put them on Instagram and/or here.

Ideally I gather the resources for the podcast that would like to make its home here.

Thanks for being here and share some content if you so choose.

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