August 4, 2018: Quick stop in Oklahoma City

Alright so it has been crazy hot and we have been really boring the last few weeks but we are BACK!

Today we took our talents to Oklahoma City to see what it has to offer. I think we are still unclear afterward but it’s still far from our Detroit home.

I don’t know about Destinee, but I have been awfully homesick lately.

We started our day by going to Quail Springs Mall to fight the crowds and celebrate tax free weekend in Oklahoma.

This is where Destinee decided to freeze her tastebuds off eating that overpriced Dragon’s Breath/liquid nitrogen nonsense.

After buying pants for work like the grumpy old man I am, we left the mall to head into the heart of downtown Oklahoma City.

Parts of downtown reminded me of downtown Detroit since there are actual buildings and what appeared to be actual things to do.

We decided to visit the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.

There is some pretty interesting stuff in here. Most impressive is the ceramics that serve as the primary lights on the third floor of the museum.

I think I would have enjoyed this museum more if it displayed more artwork from local artists — historic or current. It felt a little less authentic walking by a generic painting of George Washington.

We wrapped up our time in OKC by going to The Loaded Bowl for an early dinner. This is a little vegan restaurant the likes of which Destinee cannot resist in her quest to renew her veganism(?).

We both had some really bland chips and cheese to start and then some similarly bland mac & cheese.

That ended our first trip to Oklahoma City! Once the weather cools down and the Thunder start playing some games I’m sure we’ll go down a couple more times for a little more exploration.


July 8, 2018: Second weekend of doing things

So this weekend we went out to the Rose District in Broken Arrow.

For those who don’t know, the Rose District is a fairly new area in Broken Arrow filled with small shops and restaurants that helped the city earn the 2018 “Most Livable City” award.

So we walked up and down Main Street popping in and out of shops mostly so I could get some A/C.

For those also unaware of the climate down in Tulsa, it is stupid hot.

We ate at Andolini’s Pizzeria. We split a 14-inch buffalo chicken pizza which was about as good as I could asked for.

But the important part to all of this is the BEER.

There were a few beers on tap from home! Founders made their way down to Broken Arrow.

HOWEVER, I actually got a Hoptometrist double IPA from Roughtail Brewing Company out of Midwest City, Oklahoma.

It was definitely worth the price of: a lot more than I want to remember spending on it.

It was a short-lived weekend after that. We went to Smokes on Cherry Street for brunch on Sunday and that place STUNK lemme tell ya. Overpriced and super slow service.

Anyway that’s it, thanks for reading this far bye.


June 30, 2018: First Tulsa adventure!

Destinee and I made our first venture out into Tulsa since moving here. If you know me you know I’ve been dying to get out and look around but I had been:

  1. Broke
  2. Alone

But now she’s here so I have a little more motivation to get moving.

We started by frantically driving around downtown while she fed me names of places she saw on Google Maps. As you might guess, I did an awful lot of nearly running stoplights as I stared down Main Street to see what businesses lined it.

Destinee wanted to see if there were any hipster coffee shops around. BUT instead we ended up at IDA Red General Store where we got some milkshakes (sort of pictured above).

My milkshake was too chunky and Destinee is lactose intolerant so there were regrets.

Next we were planning on going check out some local breweries since I haven’t found what beer Tulsa has to offer. We drove to three different breweries and I didn’t like the looks of any of them.

It’s also been about 95-100 degrees here all week so those milkshakes followed by beers felt off.

After a quick swing south to Woodland Hills Mall (Destinee got a pretty dope Infinity Gauntlet mug), our final stop was Fiesta Cozumel. I heard at work it was some of the best local Mexican food around and Destinee had been bugging for tacos for far too long.

So we both got some magnificent plates that I meant to take some basic pictures of and didn’t because I was too hungry and didn’t remember until my plate was empty. However, I would recommend the Enchiladas Alicia’s.

Overall it was a solid first full day of exploring things. There will be a lot more to come in my quest to be a temporary Tulsan and to take more pictures of the cool stuff we see and do.


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